Smartphone Experimentation for the smart cities of the future

How it works


Smartphone Experimentation allows experimenters to use the computational and sensing capabilities of volunteers' android smartphone to gather data in a fully distributed and ad-hoc manner. Smartphone Experimentation is based on executing exchangeable OSGI plugins as part of the main experimentation application. Experimenters need to implement the business logic of their experiment according to OC guidelines and OrganiCity delivers them to volunteers for execution.


OrganiCity volunteers only need to install the Smartphone Experimentation Android application on their phones and select the experiment to participate in. Data collection happens anonymously in the background while they perform their everyday actions. Volunteers have at all times the ability to stop or pause the execution of an experiment or even opt out of the entire experiment.

 Data Collection

Data are automatically collected by OrganiCity and delivered to the experimenters and provided to the experimenters in a fully anonymous format with no information on the actual users that produced them. Demographics and other data on the characteristics of the user group can be retrieved from the Organicity Experiment Management platform. Data can be access immediately after the experiment has started and extra capabilities, like interaction with the experimenters and rewarding is also available for the duration of the experiment.